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We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn’t going to solve anything.

March 29, 2010

Quote is from the Original Night of the Living Dead

So you have a band of merry little followers. Admit it, you want to shank at least one.

That’s human nature for you. We often don’t like each other. We may be able to tolerate one another, but rarely do you find someone you truly like. At least, someone you like enough to spend the rest of your life with.

But this is the end of the world and beggars can’t be choosers.

Your choices are simple. Either go at this alone or go with people. If you go alone you’ll more than likely die or go mad and die. If you go with people, you’ll more than likely hate at least one person in the group and hate them with a passion.

Before you smash their face in screaming, “she’s bit” remember it’s the end of the world and every person will bring a skill set to the table that is unique to them. If not a skill set, an idea or a way of thinking. Still want to shank her don’t ya?

Moving on cause I have a headache and kinda wanna beat my head into the table right now.

Okay, so we left off with a new group of people and you’re still held up in your house. Today’s moving day boys and girls! yay!

You should have been observing the zombies on a daily basis. You know their peak times out and know when they are sleeping or whatever they do.  (We’re running on the assumption that the answer here is they sleep during the day.)

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Know where you are going, know what you are taking, have backup routes to get here and backup places to go incase something goes wrong.

So all of your supplies are packed. You’ve gathered three vehicles for your 8 team mates (2 trucks and an suv),  made a run to a local gas station and have many, I repeat many, containers of gasoline and have made sure the vehicles are in good running order. And you know how to drive it. No stick if you can’t handle one. You also have spare tires, oil and such right? Good job.

Two words on vehicle choice. 1. The vehicle you choose needs to handle rough terrain if needed. No wimpy sports cars here.  2. The vehicle needs to be able to carry passengers and equipment/supplies.

Okay. Load the trucks/cars whatever the night before. Check then check again to make sure you have what you need. Also make sure you have an easy to handle bag that is full of immediate supplies if needed.

Think meds you need, food, change of clothes, weapon and WATER. If shit hits the fan and you need to make a mad dash, this bag may save your life.

Here’s a checklist so far.


supplies loaded up

people know the plan

gas, tires, tools and funnel


Okay where are we going?

I have a few criteria personally, you may have others. I want a place that’s off the beaten path, that has a natural water supply, can grow crops easily and is within an hour or two max of a town. Note I didn’t say a large town, just of a town. There will be supplies needed that regardless you will not have on hand. Best if there is a place you can get these easily.

Totally where I want to go

So you found the place. It’s a rural community, it meets the criteria, and you have your routes to get there. You’ve also chosen an alternate place and planned on how to get there. Now it’s time to hit the road.

While traveling you are going to meet several obstacles. Main roads will be packed with cars from people trying to flee. There will be cities burning or destroyed. You’ll find some roads impassible. You will (hopefully) meet other survivors and possibly change, alter or include them in your plans. The key here is to stay calm, open and be willing to change your plans. Flexibility will keep you alive.

As you pass towns, you will be tempted to stop. Stop only when necessary or when you see something that could significantly change your life/existence for the better.  For example. You see a massive gun shop. No zombies, you have your trusty band with you, it’s daylight, the doors are still locked… more than likely, you’re going to go for it. (Beware of gun shop owners shooting your ass though k? I suggest knocking first… and if there is any sign of blood…. run)

Where to sleep is a question I’ve debated for a while. I personally say find a safe place to park your car/truck/tank whatever and sleep in it, better yet, sleep in shifts and stay moving.

I don’t know if this will kill you or not, but something I’ve always wondered is why you couldn’t add gas to your tank while moving? have gas in the truck bed as well as a hose and funnel. Slow, open the tank, insert hose, put funnel in top of hose and add gas. (You really may die doing this. I make no claims about cars/trucks. )

You are drawing close, within a two-day drive of the town you are heading to and pass a farm supply. What do you do?

Stop. loot. be happy.

Take seeds, fertilizers, chicken feed, horse feed, cow feed. Take shovels, take farm equipment, take boots and work gloves, take books that teach you what to do. They have baby chicks, half-starved in a tub? Take ’em and the ducks also (This will only be available a few months of the year in select places, but total heads up. :), take fencing, take everything. Hell take a truck from the parking lot if you can. Load it up.

Why? So you can start over. Food keeps you alive. Living off the land will not only keep you alive, it will keep you healthy. It will keep you sane, it will give you a purpose and a stability. There will be less reasons to run to town and try to find something to eat in an already looted place.

You’ve added fourteen people to your group, you have lost one due to a zombie fight gone horribly wrong several hundred miles back, you have supplies, farming stuff and hope. So what happens when this town you have picked is fortified to the teeth and won’t let you in?

Find out tomorrow.

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  1. chrislipjournal permalink
    March 29, 2010 3:04 PM

    This is an area that’s been sadly lacking in how-to info. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

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