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“If we hole up I want to be somewhere familiar, I want to know where the exits are, and I want to be allowed to smoke.”

March 13, 2010

Zombies, originally uploaded by – Mark Lobo –.

Title is a kick ass quote from Shawn of the Dead.

So the shit has hit the fan. Zombies/infected are running the world and you’re scared.

The last post gave a brief overview of what would happen and steps you should take at each point. It was a general overview of the zombie apocalypse. Today we’re going to cover weapons, finding a safe place to hunker down and how to fortify said place.


You wanna chop some heads correct? You’re first instinct is going to be guns, which are great and everything but lets be honest here, guns need bullets. Unless you have endless supply of bullets you are going to want some backups.

Anything can be a weapon if used properly. Having said that, you do want to keep in mind how up close and personal you will have to get to a zombie to use the weapon you have chosen.

For example, a chainsaw will kill a zombie. It will also have a hell of a blood spray. Have you ever tried to swing a chainsaw? The bitch is heavy. It’s also like deathly sharp and that whole thing about forward momentum…. yeah you’re going to end up cutting yourself, or throwing blood spatter into eyes, mouths and any cuts/nicks you have on your body.

This illness is more than likely transmitted by blood. You’re going to want to stay away from blood.

You still want to be all badass and have a chainsaw don’t you? I can’t talk you out of it, but if you’re going to be an idiot go ahead and give a copy of this to everyone else in your group, that way maybe they can survive.

In the good ole US of A there is a surplus of guns. In other countries with stricter gun laws you may have to be more creative on how to get a gun. Think of hunting clubs, shooting ranges, police stations, jails and armories/military bases. If you keep your stuff together during the first wave of chaos you’ll be able to loot for weapons later on. In the meantime think of molotovs, knifes, baseball bats and anything else you can use. Hell a cast iron frying pan will cause some damage if need be.

I debated telling how to make a molotov cocktail here but the information can be found elsewhere. I don’t see the need in telling such dangerous info here. People are stupid and I don’t want to be responsible for someone burning down their house.

If you are using a chopping/stabbing instrument tie it to a pole. Really. Use it as a spear so you’re not all close to snapping teeth. K? Thanks.

Another choice is a bow and arrow. It’ll work. Aim for the head.

So we have a basic overview of weapons. Use your head here and try to keep some distance between yourself and the zombies. Aim for the head and make sure they are dead before you turn your back on them.

Where are we going to hole up?

You’re first instinct is going to be your own home. Not too bad for a short time but it could be very dangerous in the long run. You’re goal at this point is just to survive the next several days. Worry about long time survival later, just take it one day at a time.

Block all windows and doors with layers of protective material. Boards, sheet metal and the likes will work. Fencing may work if it has to. Just make sure you do the outside and inside and it needs to be thick. Do the same to doors. You are also going to need to make sure you have a way to get out if need be. A rope ladder you can drop from a higher floor, a ladder to reach to another roof (If you’re in a city and the houses are close enough) maybe a drop down door that opens under your house’s crawl space.

If you are in a city and in a tall building (Such as apartments) block the ground level. Block it well. No joke. Then from the bottom floor up clear out the building. Check to make sure none of your neighbors are zombies hiding in a closet ready to fuck up your life later on. Make sure you have no infected people who are not yet zombies lingering. If you do find some, kill em. If you can’t, quarantine them until they are all foamy mouthed, blood craving, nutbags, then you’ll be able to do it without guilt. (I’ll talk more about city survival in a later post)

So you’re fortified. Each day check your home (or where you picked) for weaknesses. This will more than likely not be your permanent place, this is a place to stay until you can get somewhere better.

We’re talking days 1-10 or so here. The zombies have spread, there is chaos in the streets and cities are falling. At this point you need to have weapons. You need to have food (Enough to get you through several weeks, we’ll talk more about looting later on), and water. Fill everything you can while you have power. Don’t drink stagnated water, it’s just going to make you sick. Also week water for flushing you’re toilet and hygiene reasons away from drinking water. You do not want contamination. Battery powered flashlights, candles and radios are other things that would be nice, but you will not die from not having them.

While you are hunkered down, watch the zombies/infected. Observe their patterns. When do they come out? Where do they go? Do they flock together or tend to be more antisocial? Do you see other survivors? Make contact and note where they are. It’s up to you if you introduce new people into your space. I suggest you do. There is safety in numbers and you have someone to watch your back.

Tomorrow’s post is about introducing new people into your group, looting checklists and where to look and picking a better place to stay.

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